Language Instructors

Sonam Chusang

Adjunct Professor, Tibetan


Mr. Sonam Rinchen Chusang was born in Amdo, northeastern Tibet. As a child, he went to the Tibetan Children’s Village School in Dharamsala, the capital of the exiled Tibetan community in India. Due to this unique upbringing, Sonam is fluent in both the Amdo Tibetan and Central, or Standard, Tibetan varieties. After moving to Canada in 2001, Sonam began teaching Tibetan and gradually built the Tibetan language resource website LearnTibetanLanguage. ( Sonam was a lecturer at the University of Virginia’s Intensive Summer Language Program in 2007, and he has also taught Tibetan in many Buddhist communities in the United States and to many students and researchers.

Sonam will continue teaching at the University of British Columbia this upcoming academic year and will teach the newly-offered Introduction to Tibetan 1 (TIBT 100) and Introduction to Tibetan 2 (TIBT 101) courses. For more on these courses, click here.


Binod Shrestha

Instructor, Nepali


Mr. Binod Shrestha was born and raised in Nepal. Binod has been involved with Nepali Language instruction since 1990 as an instructor, interpreter and translator of various Nepali language initiatives in Nepal and Canada. He has taught English in various schools and colleges in Nepal, is a British Columbia certified English Teacher and holds a Master’s degree in English Literature, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and Diploma in Education from the University of British Columbia. After realizing the need to impart Nepali language pedagogically, he wrote the textbook “Communicating in Nepali Language,” to help support students as well as instructors in their learning and teaching of Nepali. His other works include the translation of a short novel “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach into Nepali.