Piano to Zanskar online world premiere – Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

*Please buy tickets here*

$13 for one screening, which will become available for streaming between 12PM July 24 and 11:59PM July 26.

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) will be streaming the world premiere of the multi-award winning film Piano to Zanskar. The film is a story about a piano tuner and his team transporting a 100 year old piano from London to a primary school in Zanskar in the Indian Himalaya. With a diverse team, gorgeous cinematography, and an original music score, the difficult journey to deliver the piano is the ultimate gesture of music’s universal power to inspire strength and bring joy.

The Himalaya Program affiliated with VIMFF to promote this film, and every ticket purchased through our link will see 10% of the proceeds go towards the Tibetan Cultural Society of BC (TCSBC). For more information and to purchase your ticket, please click our affiliate link here.

The film will be accessible for streaming (not download) anywhere in the world, and everyone that buys a ticket will receive a link shortly before the viewing opens that will enable you to login and enjoy the film at any time during its run between 12PM July 24 and 11:59PM July 26, 2020.



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