Dr. Nancy Chin and Phunchok Namgial: A Collaborative Discussion on Coping, Adaptation and Resilience

3346Five Years after the Ladakh Flood: At the Intersections of Coping, Adaptation and Re-Experienced Trauma

 Dr. Nancy Chin and Phunchok Namgial
Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Rochester Medical Centre

Does coping erode adaptation in Ladakh? In her research on Ladakh in the years after the 2010 flood, Dr. Nancy Chin has examined the relationship between coping and adaptation, and identified some of the social, physical, and political characteristics of resilience in the unique context of Ladakh. In her presentation for the UBC Himalaya Program Speaker Series, she shared a draft of her research paper to an attentive audience. Her unassuming and accessible presentation style mirrored the sentiment she conveyed in her talk, which placed emphasis on the importance of collaboration in research. In Ladakh, Dr. Chin is committed to engaging community members as equal partners in her research, and dedicated to building local research capacity. At the University of Rochester, where she teaches, Dr. Chin is passionate about involving her students as equal partners in research projects and collaborations. Here at UBC, Dr. Chin’s  receptivity to audience questions and suggestions fostered an intellectually stimulating and open discussion about disaster, poverty, climate change, and culture. Along with UBC faculty, staff, students and community members, we were honoured to have five of Dr. Chin’s students in attendance, who were visiting Vancouver with Dr. Chin to attend the Society for Applied Anthropology conference.

Sponsored by the UBC Himalaya Program.

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