UBC Himalaya Program Launch: Sunny Evening Reception

Photo by Aadil Brar

Photo by Aadil Brar

UBC Himalaya Program Launch Reception

The Haida House, located in the Museum of Anthropology’s beautiful Outdoor Sculpture Complex, was a stunning venue for this exciting event. The reception was held following an afternoon event at the Museum of Anthropology, during which members of the Tibetan and Nepali community were invited for a private viewing of the museum’s Himalayan collections. Community members were invited to view artwork, masks, sculptures, photographs, and clothing, and to share their knowledge of these items to enrich the museum’s records. It was a wonderful opportunity for community members to connect with the Museum of Anthropology and to interact with one another.

Following the private museum tour and consultation, we welcomed the almost seventy attendees into the Haida House for a sunny evening reception. Providing an opportunity for connection and conversation is an integral part of the Himalaya Program’s objective to bring together diverse faculty, students, and community members in timely, interdisciplinary dialogue. The language teachers from the Tibetan and Nepali courses were also introduced and honoured, as were the Program steering committee. Community members were thanked for their contributions to the program and the development of Himalayan Studies at UBC, along with the Program’s key academic supporters from the Faculty of Arts Dean’s Office and the Institute of Asian Research.

Hosted by the UBC Himalaya Program and the Curator for Asia at the Museum of Anthropology.

Photos by Aadil Brar

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