Earth as Refuge: Embracing Our Ecological Selves in the Anthropocene

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Abstract & Bio:

What do we and our societal systems need to transform given how we are at the edge of a planetary precipice with a cascade of environmental and climate crises ahead of us? Dekila Chungyalpa, the founding director of the Loka Initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been working with faith leaders and culture keepers of Indigenous traditions for over 15 years collaborating on solutions that answer this question. Dekila will weave her personal story as the daughter of a Tibetan Buddhist nun and teacher, the environmental values she was taught while growing up in Sikkim in the Eastern Himalayas, the lessons she learned while working on biodiversity conservation around the world, and the realizations that led her to bridge the worlds of faith and science. She begins her talk with the question; what transforms for us if we accept that the Earth is our only refuge and simultaneously conceive the Earth as an object of refuge? Register Here

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