Nationalism, dogmatism, and what more: the crisis of vision in Nepali society

Nepal’s resources, natural as well as human, have good creative potential, but why is this potential not unleashed? In spite of some positive developments in political awareness, why is the leadership everybody wished for lacking? New ideas have been floated and some changes are brought, but instead of a breakthrough these have dismantled policy structures and are leading hardly anywhere. In Acharya’s view, this indicates a deep-seated crisis of vision, lack of pragmatism, and lack of true philosophical thinking. Emphasis has been placed on heroism rather than in knowledge, and there is a tussle at various levels but no real reconciliation. A blend of nationalism, identity, and class struggle is confusing the society. In Acharya’s talk he will discuss these issues and suggest that without a guiding principle and direction Nepal will not be successful as a nation.

Reception at 4pm, talk begins at 4:30pm.

This event  is sponsored by the Himalaya Program, the Centre for Indian and South Asian Research, and the Department of Asian Studies.

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About the Speaker:

Diwakar Acharya_SpeakerPhoto2_HimalayaProgramDiwakar Acharya is the new Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics and a fellow of All Souls College at Oxford University. His research covers a wide range of topics in Indian religious and philosophical traditions, Sanskrit literature, and epigraphy. He has published three books and a number of articles in journals and anthologies.


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