The Canada China Free Trade Agreement and Tibet

Canada Tibet Committee and the UBC Himalaya Program invite you to a Workshop and Discussion Forum exploring human rights implications of the Canada-China Free Trade Agreement, in particular in relation to Tibet.

Workshop participants will look at the Canada-China Free Trade Agreement through a human rights lens, with attention to Tibet as a case example. The discussion will consider how increased trade between Canada and China could potentially affect the human rights of Tibetans.  Speakers will propose possible responses to those impacts.

A draft discussion paper will be distributed as background for the workshop.

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MATI BERNABEI, Board of Directors, Canada Tibet Committee


SARA SHNEIDERMAN, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs/Institute of Asian Research, Himalaya Program Research & Outreach Coordinator, UBC

Speakers include:      

MICHAEL BUCKLEY: Author, specializing in the Himalayan region and Southeast Asia

PITMAN POTTER: Professor of Law and Director of Chinese Legal Studies at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, UBC

KUNCHOK YAKLHA: Research Coordinator, Canada Tibet Committee


TSERING SHAKYA: Canadian Research Chair in Religion and Contemporary Society in Asia at the Institute for Asian Research, Himalaya Program Speaker Series & Language Program Coordinator, UBC

Refreshments will be served.

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