Tibeto-Mongolian Buddhism: A Mongolian Perspective

The talk will examine Tibeto-Mongolian relations with a special focus on the issue of Tibetan Buddhist dissemination among the Mongols. The distinctive features of Buddhist practices in historical and present-day Mongolia will be discussed as well as the religious-political ties which characterize the Tibetan hierocratic system of the Dalai Lamas and which served as a monarchical model in Khalkha Mongolia in 1911 for the 8thJetsundamba. Lastly, the question of labelling Buddhism in Mongolia as “Mongolian Buddhism” will be raised.

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Speaker Bio:

Agata Bareja-Starzyńska is the head of the Department of Turkish Studies and Inner Asian Peoples of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Warsaw. She lectures on Mongolian and Tibetan languages, literatures, religions and culture. Her scholarly interests focus on Buddhism in Mongolia and Tibet, Mongolian-Tibetan relations and Mongolian and Tibetan literature. Her major publications include The Biography of the First Khalkha Jetsundampa Zanabazar by Zaya Pandita Luvsanprinlei. Studies, Annotated Translation, Transliteration and Facsimile, Dom Wydawniczy Elipsa, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw, Warszawa 2015.

This event is organized in conjunction with UBC Mongolia Program.

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