Welcome Back Virtual Reception

Please click on the following link to view the recording of the event’s introduction and a musical performance by Vancouver-based Tibetan music group Lhaksam Metok: https://youtu.be/IAIFSsFKYUE

In lieu of an in-person reception, the UBC Himalaya Program is hosting an informal virtual get together for all UBC faculty, staff, and students who are interested in and/or have research commitments in the Himalayan region.

Event Schedule:

  1. Initial welcome and land acknowledgement from the Himalaya Program.
  2. Introduction to the Himalaya Program’s activities and events.
  3. Participants are invited to give a quick introduction of themselves.
  4. A music performance from Vancouver-based Tibetan music group, Lhaksam Metok.
  5. Participants are welcome to stay for informal conversation.

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